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San Luis Obispo Landscape Supply Company Central Coast Landscape Products Releases Report Regarding Watering Laws

San Luis Obispo landscape supply company,Central Coast Landscape Products, Inc., just released a report on San Luis Obispo's new watering laws.

With the unprecedented drought that California is facing, the government is requiring citizens to meet increased water conservation targets. As of May 2015, city officials have threatened to put water rationing in place if the businesses and residents don’t cut their water use significantly. As part of the city’s drought response plan, residents are required to conserve 10 gallons of water per day in order to lower the water use by 12-percent, compared to 2013.

Landscape Watering Suggestions:

In order to educate the community about ways to conserve water while preserving their landscaping, the landscape supply San Luis Obispo company released a report on tips to comply with the new water laws:

  • Water between 2 and 9 a.m., when the temperatures are cooler and the winds are less prevalent, which is a good combination for less water evaporation.
  • Various times of the year require different schedules as to how many times per week lawn and other greenery should be watered: summer requires three to four times a week; fall requires two to three times per week; winter allows for very occasional watering, and none at all during the rainy season; and spring requires two to three times per week.
  • Most residents don’t know how long to water their landscape, causing overwatering issues and run off water. San Luis Obispo County’s soil types in beach communities are typically made up from sandy or clayey soils, which require no more than five minutes of watering time; sandy soils may tolerate longer times.

To view the complete report, visit their blog.

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