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How to prevent mulch fires

How to prevent mulch fires

–Wildfires have become a common occurrence in some areas during the dry, summer months. Many of these fires are sparked as a result of human error and can be avoided by taking proper precautions.

This week, the leading landscaping supply Paso Robles specialists at Central Coast Landscape Products released a report where they reveal the importance of mulch maintenance and its role in preventing catastrophic wildfires from starting.

Research has found that nearly two-thirds of all wildfires can be traced back to the burning of some form of light vegetation, like mulch. The comprehensive landscape supply Paso Robles report warns home and commercial owners to be vigilant and take three important steps to reduce the chances of a mulch fire.

  • Keep mulch moist, as often as possible. Mulch, even as a decorative landscape accent, is more aesthetically pleasing when it is damp. This moisture is also critical to prevent the mulch from catching fire easily. Landscape supply Paso Robles experts recommend watering mulch beds, if the climate has minimal rain or if the areas are covered and do not have direct access to natural rainwater. Keeping mulched areas damp can be the easiest and most practical way to preserve the beauty of landscaping work and to prevent the mulch from becoming a dangerously flammable material.
  • Proper disposal of cigarettes. One of the leading causes of mulch fires is the improper disposal of lit cigarettes or cigars. Commercial facilities should always provide a receptacle for smoking items to reduce the likelihood that mulched areas are exposed to open flames. “No Smoking” signs discourage the use of lit materials near landscaped areas that may have vegetation that could be easily ignited.
  • Avoid putting flammable items in mulch beds. Decorative items like flags and various holiday items should be used with extreme caution. Though festive and attractive to onlookers, these items can catch fire quickly and can accelerate mulch fires. Landscape supply Paso Robles specialists advise homeowners to use these decorative materials sparingly and never around an open flame, like a grill.
  • Another great way to avoid mulch fires is to alternatively use gravel.

Mulch fires are often underreported and may not be considered as a threat to the environment. In reality, mulch fires are an important environmental issue and homeowners and commercial facilities can be influential in reducing their likelihood of occurring by implementing simple fire prevention strategies. Central Coast Landscape Products, for decades, has worked with Paso Robles residents and business owners to create breathtaking landscape designs that are also environmentally friendly.

For a complimentary landscape supply Paso Robles consultation or to get access to the full mulch fire report, call Central Coast Landscape Products at (805) 595-3478.