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When Life Gives You Lemons…Create a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

San Luis Obispo Landscape Products

–You can get creative and bring in a new drought-tolerant landscape that defies the water shortage and increases the value of your San Luis Obispo property. When it comes to the drought, making lemons out of lemonade not only makes you an optimist but an environmentally-friendly citizen.

First you’ll want to ask questions about site preparation for your San Luis Obispo landscape project. For instance, what’s the soil like? How much sun are you getting? What is the existing foliage giving you in terms of shade? How much space are you working with? You can transform your old garden or landscape into a whole new world, often using organic or natural landscaping supplies from Central Coast Landscape Products.

A successful drought-tolerant landscape will take into consideration which plants are native to our region and use the least water. One thing you might do is visit a local botanical garden or nursery to see what’s working in your area of San Luis Obispo County. There are a wide variety of succulents that require very little watering which, when you combine them with the right bark, mulch, gravel, or pavers can really beautify your garden or landscape.

Imagine having a new easy-care front yard with low-water curb appeal. Or you could transform your backyard into a Zen retreat using decorative gravel such as green rock, sea foam or pea gravel. When you combine the right ground cover with paving stones and added elements such as bridges and/or accent boulders, you’ve created a meditative, drought-friendly environment you’ll want to spend more time in.

To some folks, a drought-tolerant garden might seem dry and dull but in truth, you can create a beautiful landscape that appears lush and colorful.

Other drought-friendly landscape options you might consider include of course agave, cactuses and succulents, but also arcotis, bougainvillea, portulaca, lithops, verbena, lantana, wallflower, oleander, sage, rosemary, lavender or lavender cotton, rock soapwart, rose campion, nandina, gallardia, salvia, euphorbia, African daisy, sweet pea bush, Russian sage and yarrow. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Things just begin to get really interesting once you move beyond your plant options to consider such amendments as outdoor fountains, fireplaces, barbeques and kitchens. We offer some tantalizing products from Belgard including a range of pavers and retaining walls, and you’ll find more elements including boulders, cobblestone and flagstone that will greatly enhance your latest project.

To get more ideas, take a look at our Inspiration page, and remember, Central Coast Landscape Products has ten years of experience serving local property owners and landscape architects.