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Landscaping with Native Plants

–Many people think only in terms of “spring planting,” but the late summer and early fall seasons have the temperatures and amount of sun that new plants need to get established.

If you don’t already use native plants in your landscaping, now is a great time to start. Prized for more than their beauty, native plants require little water, are easy to care for, relatively inexpensive and great for local ecological systems. If you’re looking for San Luis Obispo landscape supply, Central Coast Landscape Products has the materials you need to make your landscape beautiful.

Low Maintenance
During their first and second year, native plants may need additional watering during the dry months, but by the third year they should have an established root structure that makes natural rainfall sufficient. Since native plants have evolved over centuries to adapt to the local area, they typically don’t need fertilizer, pesticides or even pruning.

Though native plants don’t require a lot of upkeep, they do require mulch. In the wild, Mother Nature provides native plants with ground cover and mulch, but in your yard, your plants will depend on you. Don’t worry - native plants are still low maintenance. If you use quality mulch, you may only need to mulch every 3-5 years. Different plants like different types of mulch, so make sure to do your research. This San Luis Obispo landscape supply company has 9 styles of mulch with varying colors and sizes.

Good for the Environment
Because native plants have thrived in the local soil and climate for hundreds of years, they have formed mutually benefitting relationships with microbes, fungi, insects, birds and other animals in our area. Those relationships provide a natural way of survival, which means that native plants don’t require chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Gardeners who plant native plants not only get to experience low maintenance and chemical-free landscaping, but they also get to experience the beauty of attracting wildlife. Native landscaping attracts a variety of local wildlife, including butterflies, insects and birds that rely on native plants for nesting material, food and shelter.

Butterflies tend to delight people of all ages. To attract butterflies, plants need to provide nourishment for all butterfly life stages, including the caterpillar. Many gardeners who want to attract butterflies plant buckwheat, verbena, milkweed, mint, sage, sunflower or thistle.

Landscape Diversity
Native landscaping is all about what you want. Native plants can be used in small areas, as a quick addition to an existing bed, or can be used for whole projects to make beautiful landscapes or lawns. You can enjoy the benefits of native landscaping, regardless of the project size.

If you’re looking for San Luis Obispo landscape supply, don’t look any further than Central Coast Landscape Supply. We have soil, decorative gravel, boulders, and mulch - really anything you need to complete your landscaping project.

Whether you just need some mulch for your newly added native plants, or you need fill dirt for a large commercial project, Central Coat Landscape Products wants to help make your landscape beautiful. Call us at (805) 595-3478.