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Invasive Plant Species – What You Need to Know

–Using exotic and rare plants in landscaping designs is becoming a trend. Using these colorful plants can give your landscaped areas an instant boost in visual appeal, but these plants can be silently deadly to your community. Scientists, for decades, have coined these plants as invasive species. And, trusted landscape supply San Luis Obispo specialists are now warning the public to take note and prevent the spread of these destructive plants.

What are invasive species?

In short, they are plants that are not historically grown in a particular area. When exotic plants are imported from other countries or even from other parts of the United States and are planted in a new environment, they can become an invasive species. Not all imported plants are considered invasive, but the key is to monitor their rate of growth. Invasive plant species consume a lot more resources than native plants and can, over time, lead to the death of plants in your landscaped areas.

Why are they bad for the environment?

Invasive plant species often grow exponentially faster than native plant species. When this occurs, they use more resources and may strip the surrounding soil of important nutrients the plants around it needs. Lower soil fertility can lead to native plants dying at a faster rate, as the invasive species plant takes over the area. What may have started as a few plants in one area of your lawn can quickly spread to overtake your entire lawn, killing all other plants and grasses that were once there.

What can I do?

Remember, not all imported or exotic plants will become invasive. However, knowing which plant species to avoid or which may be outlawed by environmental agencies is not the easiest thing to determine. Therefore, working with a reputable landscape supply San Luis Obispo specialist is essential to make sure that you are only using the most environmentally friendly plants in your landscape designs.

The experienced landscaping team at Central Coast Landscape Products can work with you to choose plants that will accent your landscape and not put the biodiversity in your area at risk. For decades, San Luis Obispo residents have relied on Central Coast Landscape Product’s extensive plant expertise to prevent the spread of invasive plant species. For a free plant consultation, feel free to call the landscape supply San Luis Obispo specialists today at (805) 595-3478.