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Four Little-Known Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

Top Four Little-Known Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

Landscaping has often been viewed as a luxury service, relegated to high-income residences and commercial buildings. However, landscape supply San Luis Obispo experts are rewriting landscaping and why it is a much-needed aspect of everyday life.

● Decreases air pollution. Plants are a natural air cleaner. Through photosynthesis, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. These organic air filters also play an important role in removing dust, smoke particles and other harmful air pollutants from the air. The evidence-backed report from the Landscape Supply San Luis Obispo experts suggests that the more plants that are included in a landscaping arrangement, the higher the rate of air purification that can take place.
● Prevents unhealthy runoff. The comprehensive report details how plants and grasses work to absorb water from the soil. During a rainstorm, lawns play a vital role in filtering water and increasing its absorption into the soil. Without these landscaped areas, rainwater would flow across land and paved areas, collecting harmful chemicals and pollutants that would eventually end up in large bodies of water. By increasing soil absorption, grasses and plants are able to reduce the likelihood that harmful runoff will make it to the streams, lakes and oceans.
● Keeps environments quieter. Landscaped areas are natural noise minimizers. Studies have found that lawns and plants can reduce noise pollution by as much as 30 percent when compared to paved surfaces without grass. The recent report strongly recommends that architects and developers use lawns and landscaping designs as a way to create healthy living and working spaces.
● Adds natural coolants. Scientists have proven that grass is a much cooler ground covering than asphalt or concrete. By maintaining large grassy areas or by planting more grass, homeowners and commercial facilities are able to better regulate the temperature around their buildings. Grass, for example, acts as a natural air conditioner, where grass is often 31 degrees cooler than sidewalk or road areas. In addition, shady areas with tree covering can be as much as 40 degrees cooler than paved and unshaded areas.

As more research is undertaken, the importance of landscaping and the benefits it provides to the larger community will become more widely known. The landscaping supply San Luis Obispo team at Central Coast Landscape Products have specialized in creating practical landscapes that are both affordable and environmentally sustainable.

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