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Eco-Friendly Landscaping With Boulders

–Boulders not only add a sense of adventure to landscape, they are good for the environment. A Morro Bay landscape supply company has published a report about the environmental benefits and beauty that boulders can add to landscaped areas.

Boulders are typically thought of as rocks that are too big to be moved without the aid of some kind of heavy equipment, although the geological definition is any rock that is larger than 10 inches diameter. There is much to be said for using large rocks in landscaping, but boulders add a level of adventure and wilderness to a landscape.

Boulders are an important feature for drought tolerant and low water usage landscaping because they help the soil retain moisture longer. Clusters of boulders can provide shelter for some wildlife, adding another level of wilderness to the backyard.

It is best to start with a solid plan of what effect is desired and where to place the boulders. Once set, they are not going to be that easy to move! Make some sketches of the area with boulders drawn in. Decide what kinds of plants or other landscaping features are going in the area. Boulders are great additions to water features. The staff at the Morro Bay landscape supply company, Central Coast Landscape Products, is happy to take a look at your plans and even make a site visit to help you design the best placement.

Boulders work well in any setting from drought tolerant to lush. Some kinds of succulents, especially the famous California Dudleya, thrive in rocky environments. Just remember that plants in the area around the boulders are not going to need as much watering, so plant accordingly. Boulders can provide a guilt-free setting for growing some of the more water hungry flowers.

The idea is to install boulders so that they look like natural rock outcroppings. Using boulders of different sizes and shapes creates a more natural look. Don’t be afraid to go big!

Some other tips include:

  • Set the boulders into the ground. This gives them a more natural look and also stabilizes them.
  • Arrange the boulders in different ways. Place some flat side up, some rounded side up, and a few with peaks rising above the others.
  • Group boulders together and think about creating at least one pathway that wanders through some boulders.

Boulders are as varied as any other rock. Some come with moss or with veins running through them. They come in different colors and some have naturally varied coloring. You can call the landscape supply and order the desired number of boulders, but the best results will be head down to the landscape company yard and personally choose each boulder. Some Native American people refer to rocks and boulders as “rock people,” so choose your rock people carefully!

Central Coast Landscape Products has an extensive supply of boulders of all sizes as well as other kinds of rock and cobblestone to fit into your landscaping plans.

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