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Cost-Savings Report for Gardeners

–Gardening does take time and patience but it shouldn’t have to break the bank.

The landscape supply Paso Robles’ specialists at Central Coast Landscape Products have released a recent Fall/Winter report on ways that home gardeners can winterize their landscapes to prevent hefty landscaping bills in 2016.

The winter months on the Central Coast are relatively mild, but with average lows dipping into the upper 50s, sensitive plants can take a beating from November through January. Their thorough report describes five simple strategies homeowners can take to prevent their beautiful landscapes from being destroyed in the fall and the winter.

Central Coast Landscape – the leading provider of landscape supplies Paso Robles’ residents have depended on since 2006, suggest these winter-proof tips and tricks:

Plant several fall-friendly shrubs and flowers.
It is still possible to plant in the cool Fall months. In fact, plants like chrysanthemums are great fall additions to any garden or landscape. Pansies can also be planted in the October months and will bloom again in the Spring as the weather warms. Adding these colorful and durable fall plants can add just the pop of color one may need to make it through the dreary winter months.

Consider the Spring plant lineup now.
This is also an important time to add to a spring garden. “Look for bulbs and perennials that will bloom in the Spring, including tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and peonies,” the landscape supply Paso Robles’ gardening professionals suggest. Vegetables like garlic and shallot can also be planted in the Fall.

Don’t forget about the perennials.
This may be time to do some “Fall cleaning.” Examine the perennials that are currently in the garden. If parts of plants that are doing well while other parts are dying, now is the time to break them apart and replant them in new holes. Be sure to remove and discard any diseased or dead plants. Adding chopped leaves to the mulch beds of perennials can add an extra layer of protection for the plants and for the surrounding soil.

Be proactive – weed now and save later.
As the weather cools, this is a great time for weeding. Getting rid of extra weeds now will lower the Spring maintenance that will be required – leading to measurable cost savings for homeowners.

Don’t throw it away – start composting.
The winter is a great time to start a compost pile. Be sure to winterize compost piles by erecting or covering it with a roof or tarp to protect it from the elements. To maintain a good balance of nutrients add food waste, plant trimmings, and leaves – remember the smaller the added materials are, the better the compost pile will develop. Central Coast Landscape Products representatives say that gardeners should take the time to shred and tear any materials they add to their compost pile. There is no need to turn or rotate the compost pile in the winter. Keeping it stationary will help to insulate it from the cold temperatures.

Following these suggestions can mean a lower landscaping bill next April and May and can save a garden or picturesque landscape from being destroyed. The landscape supply Paso Robles’ team of gardening and landscaping professionals at Central Coast Landscape Products are available to help begin winterizing and protecting gardens across the Central Coast.

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