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Create a thriving garden for drought tolerant plants

  –Lawns are giving way to drought tolerant landscaping. More and more people in dry climate areas, including the Central Coast, are actually removing lawns and replacing them with amazingly beautiful drought tolerant gardens. Not only do drought tolerant gardens save water, they fit into just about any yard and landscape. For those who have…
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How to prevent mulch fires

How to prevent mulch fires –Wildfires have become a common occurrence in some areas during the dry, summer months. Many of these fires are sparked as a result of human error and can be avoided by taking proper precautions. This week, the leading landscaping supply Paso Robles specialists at Central Coast Landscape Products released a…
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Four Little-Known Environmental Benefits of Landscaping

Top Four Little-Known Environmental Benefits of Landscaping Landscaping has often been viewed as a luxury service, relegated to high-income residences and commercial buildings. However, landscape supply San Luis Obispo experts are rewriting landscaping and why it is a much-needed aspect of everyday life. ● Decreases air pollution. Plants are a natural air cleaner. Through photosynthesis,…
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Invasive Plant Species – What You Need to Know

–Using exotic and rare plants in landscaping designs is becoming a trend. Using these colorful plants can give your landscaped areas an instant boost in visual appeal, but these plants can be silently deadly to your community. Scientists, for decades, have coined these plants as invasive species. And, trusted landscape supply San Luis Obispo specialists…
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