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6 Ways to Improve Your Landscaping Value

Landscaping has been a popular subject lately in California due to the drought. Since there has not been enough rain to satisfy a thirsty garden, the community has been put into a situation of digging up a green lawn for Xeriscaping.

Xeriscaping is landscaping and gardening that reduces the need for irrigation. Central Coast Landscaping Supply can suit your need for Paso Robles landscaping supply products.

Although stepping in the grass with bare feet feels good; at times sacrifices have to be made to protect much-needed resources. One way to do this is to adapt a garden for less water use. Another benefit is saving money on gas for a mower, which also eliminates air and noise pollution.

A drought tolerant landscape around your home can be a very nice feature and could bring property value to your home. Here are six specific ways to help improve your home value with Central Coast Landscape Supply products:

1) Bark and Wood Chips
Chips are considered mulch, which is a good way to reduce soil water and moisture loss, suppress weeds, and protect extreme temperature variance. Chips have a high carbon: nitrogen ratio, so adding a nitrogen fertilizer may be needed. Also, wood chips seem to gray in color than bark chips.

2) Flagstone
Generic flat stone can be a creative way to decorate and outline a yard. It can also be used for walkways and borders or on patios. Arrange a terrace garden with flagstone fencing or walls.

3) Boulders
Another way to accent your landscape is with boulders. Boulders can be used as a place to sit on or for kids to climb on. Perhaps create a boulder bench or stone features.

4) Cobblestone
These large stones shaped by the flow of water can be used as pathways, for decorative purposes, or to create water routes for drainage. Using cobblestone can bring character to a garden. Cobblestones set in sand have the environmental gain of being an absorptive surface.

5) Decorative Gravel
Instead of mulch, try using gravel or timberlite. Decorative gravel is another great way to accent boulders or trees. Depending on the type or size of the gravel, calculations could be necessary.

6) Trees and Plants
There are many great drought tolerant plants and trees that can improve your landscaping. Try doing a search on Google to locate drought tolerant trees and plants, or check out our blog post on drought tolerant landscaping (link). There are many to choose from.

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