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5 Strategies for Developing a Smart Landscape

–The traditional idea of planning a landscape is creating a blueprint mapping out precisely where you plan to put what, planning your ultimate design out on paper before you bring it to life. In reality, every trip to the nursery that you come back with a new plant, you are unintentionally engaging in the design process.

In our experience, there are a lot of unintentional designers in the world. Often times with no forethought to location, many landscapes begin to simply look like a collection of randomly chosen shrubs and plants, and not only that, but the poorly placed plants wind up requiring more money and effort than they were worth.

Whether it’s expensive pest control treatments, constant pruning, or having to remove them long before they have reached their full potential, in the end it can simply becomes counterproductive and often times a liability.

Though a blueprint may be helpful, there’s nothing wrong with spontaneous design; experienced gardeners do it all the time! At Central Coast Landscape Products, we know the best strategies to utilize your Morro Bay landscape products and create a landscape that will reduce headaches to a minimum while still standing out.

1. Plan for your access to Landscape Products. Morro Bay has many places to buy landscape products, such here at Central Coast Landscape Products, but it is crucial that you take into account what you will be able to access in the future. Inevitably, at some point in your future you will undergo a project or repair requiring some large machine to get into your yard. If this isn’t previously accounted for, you may have to tear out some of your plants, throwing all your time and hard work down the drain.

2. Maintain the focal point of your landscape. A focal point is what draws the attention. While generally what would come to mind is a tree or statue as a focal point, it’s important to keep your focal point to the scale of your landscape, and make it stand out, but not stick out. It could be an architectural feature of your house, or even a small garden bench.

3. Accentuate your house. Unless your house is already an architectural masterpiece, it can always use some accentuation. This may be some thoughtful plantings to soften out the edges and help it blend with its surroundings, but be careful not to cover your house in overgrown shrubs. The best designs will help accentuate your home’s best architectural feature.

4. Keep the right plants in the right spots. In addition to knowing how large your plant will get, it is also important to know how fast it will grow. Fast-growing plants get large very quickly, and while they may initially seem like a bargain, they may cost you more money in the end through maintenance and pruning.

5. Take nothing for granted. After living in a home for a long period of time, one may begin to consider existing features as obstacles without noticing something about them. Rather than designing around them, why not just remove them altogether? You may discover a perfect sunny spot for a rose bed or vegetable garden.

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