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4 Tips for Preparing for Winter with Landscape Supply San Luis Obispo

With the winter weather coming upon us, it is time to ready your lawn and landscaping to make it through the next few months. Shorter days and cooler temperatures can wreck havoc on your landscaping, but being prepared and performing some quick maintenance can keep your lawn in its full glory through the fall.

Landscape supply San Luis Obispo experts at Central Coast Landscape Products recommend these four fall maintenance tips:

Clear out Flower Beds and Edging

Throughout the summer your flowers have sprouted in full bloom and, by now, have died for the season. The same is true for grasses and shrubs. Taking the time now, before it is too cold, to clear out dead plants and debris can be an easy way to keep your lawn looking its best. Also remember to edge again to give your lawn that sharp and crisp look. If you’re unsure what may be plant debris and what may be the buds for, let an experienced landscaper such as Central Coast Landscape Products help.

Plant New Shrubs and Flowers

Believe it or not, the fall is a great time to plant new bulbs, trees, and shrubs. This way they can begin to take root and be ready by the spring to bloom. Don’t forget about beautiful fall plant options that can give your lawn a bright and eye-catching color. The landscape supply San Luis Obispo team suggests planting in the fall, so that all flowers will bloom around the same time in the spring, lighting up your lawn with a natural and colorful beauty.

Add Mulch to Your Flower Beds

After you have removed dead plants, be sure to put a layer of mulch down around all remaining shrubs and in all flower beds. The mulch serves two purposes. One, to give your lawn a finished and refined look. And, two, to keep moisture in the soil, making it easier for plants to access water as the temperatures drop. Plus, doing thorough fall maintenance, makes it easier (and cheaper) to get your landscape ready for the spring.

Leaf Clearing

If you have a large year, clearing leaves or tree needles can seem like a never-ending chore. It is important to clear this foliage to keep your landscape and grass in the best shape. Not removing leaves, pine needles, and other plant debris can damage the grass underneath. The covered portions of your lawn will not get the sunlight it needs to thrive, and you could be left with large bare spots come the Spring. Also, don’t forget to remove summer furniture and decorations. Though they can be appealing to look at, they can cause damage to roots and grasses that don’t have continual access to sunlight and water.


Being proactive in preparing your landscape for the fall can keep your lawn in tiptop shape and save you big in Spring lawn care fees. California residents have relied on the expertise of the landscape supply San Luis Obispo crew at Central Coast Landscape Products for over ten years.


If you would like our knowledgeable and dedicated landscaping team to recommend landscaping products to help you perform the necessary maintenance on your lawn, then give us a call at (805) 595-3478.