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4 Alternatives to Landscaping with Real Grass

Even with all the rain this season, California is still in a drought. Water conservation should be at the top of our minds, especially when planning landscaping projects in drought areas. One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What can I replace my grass with?”. We’ve compiled a list of alternatives to real grass in this article.

Here’s Four Alternatives to Landscaping with Real Grass:

Artificial grass

This is probably one of the most obvious ways to lessen your water usage in 2017 and replace real grass. Substituting with artificial grass is much easier these days due to improved design and installation ease since Astroturf was popular quite some time ago. Today, artificial grass is soft, durable and very similar in texture and look to real grass, without the headache of watering, mowing and maintaining.

Gravel or stone

Another alternative to real grass is to design your space using beautiful gravel or stone. A stone paver garden provides a minimalist and contemporary look to outdoor spaces without the use of any water for maintenance.

Ornamental grass

This type of grass is beautiful and can cover a good amount of space. Popular types or ornamental grass, such as Little Bluestem or Purple Fountaingrass, can help bring a natural texture and feel to outdoor living spaces without requiring a lot of water. Using a variety of ornamental grasses can create a dynamic and colorful outdoor space.

Flowers and Shrubs

Another alternative to real grass is to plant native flowers and shrubs in your outdoor space. These require less water than grass but still provides a beautiful and natural landscape. Low-moisture perennials are recommended to add color and interest while decreasing your need for water to maintain.

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